Mardi_gras 06       

Mostly Skoots pictures.
I think I went up to Plano for lunch then swung by Skoots, then  came back by Skoots
For actual Mardi Gras bouncing between there, BoneDaddy's and Razzoo's.
Then later on hooking up with Angela and Merideth at Dinks.
 Plano group gropepic renata and ashleyWendy and Sarapic Charity and WendyRenata gropes Sara..againpic Renata
Kristinapic Niki in the afternoonKristina and DanielleAdrian  Nikkipic of Victoriapic VictoriaJenny
LindseyPic of Linsdey ..reverse viewpic of Lindsey..unh!pic Heather n Victoriapic Heather n Vic 2pic Molly and Victoriapic of jordon
pic of kimKim n justinpic kim sittingpic Kim SideviewHeather n LindseyJordon and Lizpic vicTORIa and Victoria
Pic Jordon and Liz NOT backsides.Vickie sittingLindsey and KimberlyKimberlySkoots night Group Shot
Pic of Jenny and Victoriapic Tory and Kimpic Another Skoots Grouppic Nikki and Vickiepic Tory Getting a handful of Nikkipic Ashley and Heather

pic of pre flashpic fake flashKim and Nikki picpic Ashley and Heather rear viewAshliey and heatherpic of merideth and somebodyMerideth and some chick
PIc of angela and meridethpic Ange Mer and Christinepic Ange Mer and Christine 2pic Sad Angelapic Angela and Merideth